Succesful architecture is that which comes from a mutual understanding between Client and designer and from the ability of both parties, whether consciously or subconsciously, to express their aspirations and effectively communicate their ideas and expectations. Design is both a process and a means of communication, it is a synthesis of the emotional and the practical, balancing aims and constraints to produce a building which can elicit pleasure and enjoyment and which has context within its surroundings.

Our appreciation of a building derives from our body’s total response to and perception of the environmental conditions which a building affords. Understanding this phenomenon, combined with the ability to bring together sometimes disparate elements in a complex design process is what makes for success in any architectural project, however large or small.

Chartered Architectural Technologists, MCIAT, are specialists in building design and construction.

Chartered Members are qualified and recognised to lead a project from inception through to completion, which includes contractual, planning and regulations issues and final certification. Chartered Members can be involved in projects of all types such as commercial, industrial and residential, including adaptation, conservation, conversion, maintenance, management, new build or restoration.

If you just want ideas or only need plans for a building project I would be happy to help.